Empty Dealer Lots Leave Consumers Looking To Save on Ownership

How Low Inventory Creates PPM Sales Opportunity for Dealers

CarShield's Unsatisfied Customers and How Dealers Can Take Advantage

Given the new vehicle shortage, many customers are electing to hold on to their vehicles for a longer period of time. Naturally, we’ve seen an uptick in owners shopping for prepaid maintenance plans to reduce the cost of ownership.

This trend is seen with the growth in popularity of 3rd party extended warranty companies like Car Shield. Let’s take a look a the volume of search queries for the keyword ‘Car Shield’ over time:

Interest (search volume) in the search term "Car Shield" since 2014.

Difficulties Scaling

In October, Good Morning America featured a story on the rise in demand for vehicle service contracts. Moreover, how consumers across the country are discovering the limitations of what they purchased.  Despite national news coverage on upset customers (see image below) and a lawsuit with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the consumer demand for saving on vehicle maintenance continues to grow.

Despite national news coverage on upset customers and a lawsuit with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the consumer demand for saving on vehicle maintenance continues to grow.

Growing Market Opportunity

Unsatisfied Customers Looking for Better

Dealers will never have a better opportunity to sell customers prepaid maintenance plans. This is a massive retention opportunity for every Dealer in America.

What is the best way to get owners into the dealership and sell them a PPM plan? Don’t! Sell customers online.

There are potentially thousands of customers in your dealership database eligible for PPM plans. Every month customers visit your website looking for info on PPM plans.

DataClover built the first Service eCommerce platform to sell OEM and Dealer-Branded PPM plans online. Give customers the freedom to research and purchase PPM plans right from your dealership website.

Selling Pre-Paid Plans Online

Customers can now purchase prepaid maintenance before coming into the store.

Using our solution, you can now qualify, and sell PPM to any customer both in your database. 

After the customer purchases their plan, they will receive a receipt and be prompted to schedule an appointment. 

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