Direct Mail

Personalized Mails Boost Your Service Drive

DataClover’s direct mail services leverage vehicle maintenance cycles and customer interactions to help dealerships generate a consistent flow of service appointments.

Direct Mail Services by DataClover - Featured Infographic

Intelligent Journeys​

Craft Personalized & Intelligent Content

DataClover’s direct mail services use targeted cadences to increase engagement and conversions. Our flexible programs make campaigns effective and efficient. We help drive more business and build customer loyalty.

Our targeted mail campaigns keep your dealership top-of-mind and help you build a strong reputation for quality and reliability.

Direct Mail/Cross-Channel Analytics

●  More robust analysis of DM campaigns and templates
●  Reaching out to our customers to see what metrics they are interested in:
   ◦ Month-to-month, week-to-week, day-to-day
   ◦ Creating cadence for surveying customers, potentially adding incentives after a specific amount of time
●  Generating monthly report summaries for our customers

Maximizing Dealer Mailer Capacity

●  Uploading a substantial list and printer limit based on a certain number after receiving the final mailing list
    ◦ Working with the tech team to add in price-per-mailer and campaign type when queries generate campaigns week-to-week, day-to-day

New Template Offerings

●  Exploring both cheaper options for printing for standard DM offerings as well as more unique/premium mailer templates (booklets, QR code mailers, etc.)
    ◦ Reaching out to our customers regarding mailer pricing                          ◦ Looking up different template options through OEM samples

Direct Mail Services by DataClover - Personalized & Intelligent Content


Automate Your Direct Mailers

DataClover’s direct mail services use automation to generate a consistent flow of service appointments and keep customers engaged with your dealership. Our approach streamlines the process and saves time for your team while driving more business to your dealership.

New Triggers

●  Adding on new triggers based on unique customer criteria
    ◦ Standardizing templates per new triggers
    ◦ Syncing with Tech regarding specific customer criteria [APR % or loan length, total customer lifetime (3 years/2 years/1 year spend), income by zip, etc.]

Marketing Brochures

●  Pamphlets showing all our product options in a physical format for easy reference by AM and customers
    ◦ DataClover branded onboarding packages
    ◦ Showcasing the “story” of products, creatives, costs, benefits, uniqueness, and pairings under the DataClover “ecosystem”

Mailer Updates

●  Lowering the cost of print for mailers or switching to lower-cost mailers
●  Figuring out adaptations to current offerings to further reduce costs
    ◦ Punch-out cards vs. plastic/paper
    ◦ Perforated vs. dotted line templates

Automated System

●  Automation of query counts
●  Trigger automation using API for data and creatives within ServicePulse
    ◦ Proof generation
    ◦ DMS uploads/campaign creation
    ◦ Automated list creation for mailing
    ◦ Quick template updates for co-op/compliance
    ◦ Templates with more dynamic images/information
    ◦ A campaign-level breakdown for postage lined up with each drop

Direct Mail Services by DataClover - Automate Your Direct Mailers

Data Driven

Data Enriched mail Deployment

At DataClover, we understand the importance of having accurate and complete customer profiles when executing effective direct mail campaigns. That’s why our direct mail services start with enriching customer data with additional information, so we can work more effectively within our programmatic cadence.

Rather than simply mining existing data, we actively source new data to append incomplete profiles and engage more of your customer base. With this approach, our direct mail campaigns are more targeted and effective, helping you reach and engage with more potential customers.

Direct Mail Services by DataClover - Data Enriched Deployment

DataClover's Direct Mail Services

Additional Benefits

DataClover’s Automated Direct Mail Marketing campaigns are a key component of our DealerServiceHub lead conversion platform. We offer a-la-carte direct mail workflow strategies that are more comprehensive than standard OEM programs.

Tracking Analytics

Personalized QR code and link tracking to showcase campaign success rate


Variable sizes (postcard, bifold, trifold, gift card) to cater to specific customer needs

Data Cleanse

Over 220 million conquest records for sending out campaigns

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