Tire Scan Marketing

Dynamic Tire Reports

Automated, dynamic tire profiling solutions that easily integrate with your existing tire profiling hardware. 


Auto Retailers are facing an ever-growing number of aftermarket competitors aggressively promoting price and convenience for tire replacement. The Tire Scan Marketing Automation Software program is developed to educate and incentivize owners to purchase tire services and replacement tires at the dealer. Our Tire Marketing Automation directly integrates with your existing tire profiling systems like Hunter or TreadSpec.

Easy to Integrate

Tire Scan Integrations

Our custom-built tire profile integration works seamlessly with major tire profiling providers like Hunter and TreadSpec. For dealers currently using one of these systems, integration is simple as sharing a data feed. The setup is complete in just a few hours. Once integrated, the live data feed can be used for marketing purposes. 

Hunter Engineering Company

Founded in 1946, Hunter has patented over 300 inventions making them one of the largest wheel service product development staff in the world.

Treadspec by TPI

Its revolutionary design, innovative software, and proprietary TreadTrackerTM Report deliver customer retention, efficiency, and profitability quickly and easily. The TreadTracker Report empowers your customer by providing data illustrating when their tires will need replacement.

Sell More Tires

Program Triggers

Our program consists of 3 triggers and 5 campaigns that take couse over a 30 day period. These campaigns are designed to educate the customer on the negative effectives of continuing to drive on worn tires as well as encourage them to purchase their tires at the dealership. 

Instant Report Trigger

Instant reports are generated before the customer ever steps out of their vehicle. As soon as the tires are profiled the report is on its way to the customer inbox.

Red Tire/Replace Now Triggers

If a customer's profile generates a "replace now" tire and no tire line item is found on the RO, a series of follow-up campaigns are initiated.

Yellow Tire/Replace Soon Triggers

When one or more yellow tires appear on the scan, a series of yellow tire campaigns are launched. Using tire life estimators and customer driving habits, the campaigns guide the customer to purchase new tires before the end of their current tire's life.

Educate Customers

Instant Scan Features

After a tire is scanned, the data feed is re-rendered into a customer facing email format. 

Real-Time Delivery

Stop giving the customer a print out. Tire scan reports are delivered in real-time. Educate the customer while they wait for their service to be completed. A full copy of the report is delivered in real-time to your customers inbox.


The relevent information in the customers tire scan report is parsed and simplified. The information is used to populated the real-time email trigger. The email is designed to highlight the status of all tires and draw attention to the immediate needs. All email are delivered with a link directly to the customers scan report.

Increased CUStomer Engagement

The real-time delivery affords customers the opportunity to educate themselves on the information prior to discussing it with a service advisor. Increased engagement has a direct affect on increased tire sales.

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