Email Automation

Automated Email Keeps Service Leads Flowing

Utilizing distinct vehicle maintenance cycles and customer behavioral interactions, we’ve developed 75+ automated triggers to generate a consistent flow of incoming service appointments.


Automated Lifecycle Cadence

DataClover’s programmatic email cadences target the customer at the right time in their lifecycle. With 75+ lifecycle triggers, our program is flexible allowing you to choose which product suites to enable and which customers to target.

75+ Service Triggers

DataClover had a service trigger for every occasion. These Mid to Low Funnel strategies focus on hyper-targeted audiences due for service or currently lapsing. By employing a number win-back strategies and unique marketing, we bring customers back.

48+ Content Marketing Triggers

Content marketing is crucial for Top Of Funnel engagement. Content marketing triggers educate customers via service and maintenance related emails. This converts customers without have to send multiple discount offers.

Behavior Based Remarketing

Utilizing created data from our DealerServiceHub landing page integration, our re-marketing campaigns identify which customers showed intent to schedule. This trigger set retargets customers until they convert to a service appointment.

Intelligent Journeys

Behavior-Based Customer Journeys

All of our marketing cadences include drip campaigns and behavior-based remarketing strategies to maximize engagement and drive conversions. This means engagement behaviors like opens and clicks, trigger follow-up email campaigns that further nurture the customer towards scheduling service or redeeming an offer.

Drip Campaigns

Drips campaigns engage customers who are not interacting with marketing pieces. By sending multiple drips our system can determine the best time of day to target that particular customer.

Open/Click Engagement Nurturing

Follow-up nurturing campaigns are deployed for customers who show warm interaction behaviors like opens and clicks. Open and Click Engagement Nurturing is a series of behavior based automated email triggers that further guide the customer to scheduling an appointment.

Data Driven

Data Enriched Email Deployment

Prior to entering the customer journey, customer profiles are enriched with additional data to work more effectively within our programmatic cadence. Instead of just mining your data to create target customer segments, DataClover actively sources new data to append to incomplete profiles. This process allows us to engage more of your customer base.


Additional Benefits

DataClover’s Automated Email Marketing campaigns are a key component of our DealerServiceHub lead conversion platform. We offer a-la-carte email workflow strategies that are more comprehensive than standard OEM programs.

Unlimited Custom Emails

Have a unique request? Need to move overstocked parts? Is there an immediate change of hours or service operations? We have templates for every scenario. If we don't we'll build it for you.

Personalized Trigger Emails

DataClover's emails are dynamic. Every email a customer receives will be completely personalized to them and their vehicle.

Dynamic Offers

Not interested in one of our suggested Best Practice Offers? We can easily add custom offers to individual template segments, putting exactly what you want in front of the customer.

Real-Time Dashboard Reporting

Real-time reporting in ServicePulse, DataClover's web-based reporting application.

Integrated Landing Page

Our emails are easily integrated to our DealerServiceHub product. The landing page display dynamic content differently for each customer.

Recall Solutions

Need to promote an urgent recall or get information in front of customer quickly? We have solutions for that too.

Times Are Tough. Service Leads are Gold.

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