2 Questions Every GM Should Be Asking About Service

2 Questions Every GM Should Be Asking About Service

Knowing These May Improve Your Appointment Volume

If you are a General Manager, there are a lot of reports you rely on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Hidden in those reports are often red flags that often get missed because we simply do not know enough background to see it sticking right in-front of our face! Below are two questions that if you do a little investigation will tell you if there is a serious problem being overlooked. 

1. What is my online service appointment conversion rate?

Why is this important? Let’s do some quick math, the average dealer spends conservatively $2,500 out of pocket in digital marketing expenses for their service drive. Emails, SEM, and Social Media are the top 3 most common channels. Every campaign has a “call to action” that 99% of the time leads a customer to a blank online scheduler. What is the keyword there? Blank! This begs the question: how many people are converting? Moreover, how does this affect my ROI? The answer might shock you. Our research indicates that the global conversion rate for an online scheduler is 1-2%…Yikes! Why spend so much money sending people to a page that is only going to convert 1-2% of leads that visit the page?

2. How long does it take for my customer to book an appointment with me?

If your customers are already authenticated with your scheduler then the answer might be 2-3 mins. If not, then we are looking at closer to 5 mins. This happens because there are simply too many questions that customers do not know the answer to off the top of their head. “What is your VIN?” Is one of the top reasons for a customer to bounce off your page and do one of two things, call your store or in the worst case scenario, bounce off and search elsewhere. This happens because your prospects journey begins with the communication they received and when they click on that campaign, it becomes frustrating having to re-enter all of their information. This leads to failure to convert and a loss in business with a prospect that had intention of doing business with you.

SOLUTION: Connect your online scheduling tool with your marketing!

A niche marketing campaign typically targets the sub-segment of a segment. Let’s imagine a well-known tire brand is running a promotional offer for top-of-the-line run-flat tires. The target audience for niche tire campaigns would apply only to customers with vehicles currently equipped with Run-Flat Tires or capable of using Run-Flat Tires.

When you remove the data entry, your conversions will rise. Contact us to see how we can help you increase conversions in 45 days with zero risk or start up.

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