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The Advent of Automotive eCommerce Solutions Has Been Nothing Short of a Boon to Dealerships Across the Globe

Today’s digital retailing is all about selling the eCommerce way! It’s fast, easy, efficient, and almost always more affordable than making in-store purchases. When it comes to digital retailing in the automotive industry, dealership customers are no different from those across other industries.

Automotive customers want the same shopping experience they get when buying from top eCommerce platforms like Amazon and eBay. Luckily, with the right plugin software and tools for your website, there are several ways to make this happen for your dealership.

It’s 2023 and most automotive customers around the globe are already used to purchasing dealership products and services online. This includes purchasing new or used vehicles, OEM programs, PPMs, and a whole lot more. But while most are focused on selling the aforementioned F&I products, many still haven’t moved towards selling brand, dealership, and vehicular accessories online.

In this dealership case study, we will take a closer look at how you as a dealership, can leverage data and technology to boost your customer retention and add to your gross profits by also selling various types of accessories online.

But First, Here Are Some Mind-Bending Statistics About eCommerce in the Automotive Industry

Some crucial automotive e-commerce Statistics for 2023 & beyond

Here's What Selling Brand, Dealership, & Vehicular Accessories Using DataClover’s Aftersales eCommerce Program Looks Like

Now, while the idea of selling various types of dealership products online is alluring, there are still many who don’t know how to make the most of it or even get started with implementing it for their dealership. This is where DataClover can help your dealership in a big way! With the success of dealerships – across every possible front – in mind, DataClover has developed a pioneering digital Aftersales eCommerce program to help you sell just about any type of product online.

So, whether you’re looking to sell various types of Accessories, OEM programs, PPMs, or services, we’ve got you covered. Using our easy-to-use and intuitive Aftersales eCommerce program, you can showcase, qualify, and sell all your unique products to your customers in the best and easiest possible way!

With DataClover’s Aftersales eCommerce Program, selling your accessories online has never been easier!

Here's How DataClover Can Help Your Dealership Sell More Accessories

The pandemic has not only accelerated the rate at which automotive customers shop online but has also contributed to improving the overall digital buying process and experience for customers across most B2C markets. This means that there is no better time than right now for dealerships to capitalize on the benefits of selling all types of brand, dealership, & vehicular accessories online.

DataClover’s two main products – DealerServiceHub (DSH) & Aftersales eCommerce – can streamline your digital service marketing efforts and strategies to boost sales and revenue for your dealership. Since 2014, we’ve enabled nearly 500 dealerships across the country to earn a lot more revenue by efficiently maximizing their digital resources.

Digital retailing for dealerships is the future that is here to stay in the automotive space and DataClover is here to deliver it to you in the best possible way!

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