The First Digital Only PPM Sales Software

Sell Mercedes-Benz Prepaid Maintenance Plans online

Increase the volume of quarterly pre-paid maintenance contracts through a digital only sales tool. 

Sell Pre-Paid Maintenance

Incentivized to Increase Retention for Your Mercedes-Benz Store?

E-commerce is the starting point. Increase 3-year retention by selling service contracts online.

Pre-Qualify Prospects Easier

3 Steps to Setup. No risk. Free to Start.

How it Works

Add the PPM widget to your website.

Add your contract pricing.

Enable Marketing. Get Sales.

the Benefits of Going Digital

Mercedes-Benz Service Contracts go Digital

Dealers can now market, match, and sell pre-paid maintenance plans completely online. DataClover’s Service eCommerce Platform brings digital retailing to the service drive.

Digital-Only Sales

Bring hard to sell PPM plans from the F&I office into an easy to use online sales platform.

Supports OEM or Dealer Group Maintenance Programs

Match any customer or prospect in your customer database to qualified PPM plans. Start selling PPM plans to the thousands of customers in your database today. Don’t wait to sell a customer until they're in your store!

Website Integratation

Integrate to your dealership website to provide increased exposure to any interested owner. DataClover integrates with nearly every dealership website provider.

SECURE & Easy Payment Collection

Stripe Payment Technology gives customers a secure and trustworthy payment process. Make payment easy with the most popular eCommerce tools (Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more).

Flexible product pricing model

Easily adjust plan price, fees, sales tax, and gross margin for your dealership’s ppm plans. DataClover’s flexible data model allows you to capture more gross profit on ppm sales.

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Mercedes-Benz Star Prepaid Maintenance

Built around the nationally promoted plan, the Mercedes-Benz Service PPM feature identifies eligible vehicle owners and promotes the available plans. 

Times Are Tough. Service Leads are Gold.

Want to Increase your Online Service Appointments 4X?

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