Digital-Only PPM Sales Software

Sell Lexus luxuryCare Online

A marketing cadence that outputs pre-paid maintenance plan sales. Selling Lexus LuxuryCare has never been this simple. 

Sell using e-commerce

Upload Pricing & Qualify Customers Instantly

Upload your Lexus LuxuryCare pricing, qualify customers, and start selling plans online. 

Digital-Only PPM Sales

Increase Lexus LuxuryCare Sales with ServicePPM

Dealers can now market, match, and sell service completely online. DataClover’s Service eCommerce Platform brings digital retailing to the service drive.

Website Integratation

Add the Plan Explorer widget to your Lexus service website.

Supports Lexus maintenance PlanS

Enable the products you want to sell: Lexus LuxuryCare, Lexus LuxuryCare Plus, and Lexus Maintenance Select.

Conduct Online Transactions

Customers search and select plans online.

SECURE & Easy Payment Collection

Stripe Payment Technology gives customers a secure and trustworthy payment process.

Flexible product pricing model

Easily adjust plan price, fees, sales tax, and gross margin for your dealership’s pre-paid maintenance plans.

Lexus LuxuryCare Digital Sales Integration

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